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The archiving of over 15 years of sound experiments has begun.
Recordings are added regularly in no particular order (for a chronological listing click here).
The latest additions and featured recordings are on the right.

Detroit 808 Scott Grooves - Detroit 808
(w/ Panther Versions)
Natural MIDI 005 EP 2008
Detroit Techno
Akabad Brad Karr Mander - Akabad Brad (+ Remixes)
Acid Sonic Research EP 2005
Xmas 2008
Reptile - Xmas 2008
Acid Sonic Research EP 2008
Electronic / Techno / Ambient
Dream Water Insect
Sucuriju - Dream Water Insect
Acid Sonic Research LP 2008
Sombient / Ambient
ASRX Sludge Mix
Kataconda v Wraith - ASRX Sludge Mix
Acid Sonic Research LP 2008
Sludge Techno

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